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Noisy next-door dogs drive you barking mad.

May 5, 2017

While in no way condoning the appalling catalogue of  cruelty revealed  in today’s Tiser story  of a Strathalbyn man’s attacks on a neighbouring  Golden Retriever, you have to feel SOME sympathy for the perpetrator.

While prolonged desperation sometimes leads to desperate acts, it is clear from the story that there was little if any attempt by Peter Kelliher’s neighbours to be neighbourly. To quote her owner: “Mia is an individual to each of us holding unique and personal relationships exclusively”. A pity that that personal relationship could not have been extended to the beleaguered man next door.

Local councils, and I include my own, make it extremely difficult for residents whose life has become a torment because of the incessant barking of next door’s  four-legged  noise-box. You have to wander around with a diary in your hand to record the date and times of the howling and yowling before there is any hope of  moves for you to get blessed relief.

Meanwhile, the guilty party will soon get relief from Nyobi the decibel dog. Unless, that is, his adjoining prisoners have a canine cellmate…



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