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Le Cornu’s site is Unley’s salvation.

May 11, 2017

Sad as it maybe that a children’s welfare society has become the unwitting victim of a legal lease loophole , it’s GREAT news for the City of Unley.

Today’s  Advertiser story about the tribulations of “Puddle Jumpers”  and it’s invalid occupation of a house next to the the former  Le Cornu site on Anzac Highway, reveals that the State Government is considering rezoning the furniture giant’s 3.6hectare property for apartments up to 10 storeys.

Such a move could go a LONG way towards  aiding Unley Council  meet the State Government’s unilateral insistence that the quiet suburban streets to the south of the southern parklands  accommodate an additional  10,000  residents in the not-too-distant future.

Since the Government’s invasion announcement “Grumpy” has been making noises about the suitability of the site…with the observation that it’s strategic near-city location between Anzac Highway and the railway line would be ideal for high-rise. However, I believe that it could well accommodate a much higher development without too much impact on surrounding homes.

The sad side of all this is that “Puddle Jumpers”, which provides camps and other services for children not living with their birth parents, has been ordered to pay the Le Cornu’s legal costs of the case.




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