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Onka Council: A four-letter word

May 15, 2017

Grumpy’s first official foray into the world of Local Government was waaaaay back in  the Eighties, as a rural Elected Member on what was then Noarlunga Council… a third-tier government body that was a stranger to controversy

Today, of course, that tight-knit community has not only expanded greatly towards the south, but has been and been transformed into “Onkaparinga”— and a body mired in embarrassing goings-on that reflect  more-than-somewhat badly on the reputation of councils as a whole..

First it was the $6000-plus headline revelation that the top employee was the proud owner of a membership card to a distant golf club. More recently, and even more unbelievable, is the revelation that the top Elected Member  has been (at, I believe, the ratepayers’ expense)  swanning around the Orient, taking in the sights and spectacle of a footy match.

Nothing illegal, of course. And  Grumpy would certainly not impute otherwise. But as the lady concerned holds down the top State position in the Local Government Association, which Unley props up generously with ratepayers’ money,   the whole issue is a public relations nightmare  which should be laid to rest by an immediate resignation.

I have long been a public and  vocal critic of the LGA, and all the above confirms my distaste.

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  1. Alice permalink
    May 15, 2017 6:43 pm

    Right on, Grumpy! Apparently the new Federal Budget entails a 30 per cent cut in Roads to Recovery funding to local councils for roads, culverts, bridges etc in order to pay for the Melbourne to Brisbane railway and Sydney’s second airport. Which is why the leader of local government in South Australia should be lobbying in Canberra, not kicking back in Shanghai.


  2. YoungerSlightlyGrumpy permalink
    May 16, 2017 9:47 am

    I wish the lady involved would resign, it’s a disgrace. Not to mention the secrecy and the legal fees that the gold club saga entailed. Now she’s off to Shanghai soon after. It’s shameless behavior but some people have a hide and the older you get the more you realize some people are truly in in for themselves.


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