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Lachlan, where art thou?

May 22, 2017

Back in a January news item in “In Daily”, a somewhat “sheepish” (the news machine’s words, not mine) Lachlan Clyne said it was “likely”  he would sell up all over again “if I get the nod from my party”.

The comment referred to  the Unley Mayor’s premature/abortive change of address to further his bid for a State  Liberal seat in the newly-created Badcoe electorate. Embarrassingly (though it wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t foresee exactly what change of boundaries was about to take place) , that’s exactly what happened, leaving him stranded just two streets outside the new electorate created to replace the Ashford seat held by Labor.

It will  be interesting, now that he has been given that coveted “nod”, to see what the future holds, as the January news item said there was no commitment from him at that time for another move.

But In-Daily claimed  the boundary victims “had talked about it and would like to”.

Watch this (muddied waters) space.

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