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Unley’s war-dead battle.

May 29, 2017

Will the South Parklands memorial to the Unley and City of Adelaide fallen in the Dardanelles conflict of the First World War be uprooted and re-located in the Square Mile as part of the “Anzac Memorial Walk” project?

Back in October 2015 the Veterans SA organisation asked the City of Adelaide’s Strategy Planning Committee to agree to the relocation of the Dardanelles Soldiers Cenotaph from South Terrace to Kintore Avenue.

Historian and committed defender of Adelaide’s parklands Kelly Henderson has been campaigning tirelessly for the memorial to be relocated to it’s  ORIGINAL site amid the commemorative wattle grove which still exists a short distance away in Park 21 on Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue.

At a meeting of Adelaide City Council this week  Councillor Sandy Wilkinson will move that the decision of Council on October 13 in 2015 be revoked.

If that occurs, Councillor Wilkinson will seek to ensure that Council defer any action to relocate the Cenotaph from the South Parklands “in order to understand its moral and contractural obligation to the families and descendants ( primarily wives and mothers of the fallen, (the Wattle Day League) who arranged for its erection in Park 21 in 1915”. The fallen were drawn from the 27th and l0th Battalions (from the City of Unley and the City of Adelaide respectively) hence the importance of the location in the South Parklands.

Incidentally, but importantly, the RSL petitioned for the memorial to be retained in its original location at the time that Council moved it to its current location in South Terrace in 1940.

All the above is an integral part of the history of Unley, as the memorial was the first one in the world ever erected to the casualties of the Dardanelles campaign.

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