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Saturday house hilarity/horror

June 10, 2017

Just occasionally…too much hilarity can be a health hazard…I waste a few precious moments of my existence by trawling through the real estate pages of our so-called Saturday news sheet.

While Her Indoors conducts her own voyage of despair through the grammatically-challenged  news page, I risk apoplexy by travelling the same route through the acres of newsprint designed to part cashed-up  house-hunters from their bank balance.

I am never disappointed.

If you, as a real estate agent, are hoping  to  extract big bucks from would-be clients, the least you can/should do is to treat the English language with respect!

Take, for example,  a mere sample of this weekend’s  ungrammatical,  cliched offerings.

“It just ticks every boxes”.

“”It allows  everyone to share the experience together”.

“The heart of a sophisticated entertainer”.

“You should be dancing” ???

“This single story residence…”

“Kitchen has a central island bench”  (Where else?)

“Close proximity”. (More tautology…)

“You can entertain outside on the paved courtyard”.

“Secure electric gates”  (What else?)

“A botanic gardens-like setting”. (Ditto)

Enough already! Pass the Panadol.


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