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Oink-aparinga* slices again.

June 13, 2017

As if it isn’t already in the headlines far too often for it’s financial finagaling, the civic body down south gets a hefty page four serve in today’s “Advertiser”…with a new twist to it’s ignoble involvement with the noble sport of golf.

First it was the startling news that the unsuspecting ratepayers of Noarlunga, Willunga and other settlements in the southern vales were shelling out a cool $6000 for  the golfing benefit of their council’s chief executive officer.

Now comes another shot landing in the civic bunker, with the revelation of Council’s delay in addressing the survival of the Willunga Golf Club.

With time of the essence it can be revealed that the Council review of the course, which involves the possibility of halving the number of holes,  will now not be known for at least another three months, when it was due before July! A delay which some players claim could be fatal.

All this on top of the ongoing saga of a fair(?) whack of the Council’s income going on an overseas “fact finding” trip by it’s Numero Uno elected member.

Great grist to the mill  of those who are pressing for a fresh look at Council amalgamations.

*I’ve applied for punning copyright.

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