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Le Cornu site. An eight storey homes vision

June 16, 2017

High-rise residential redevelopment of the Le Cornu triangle off ANZAC Highway is just part of a four-way move proposed by State Government as a boost for Unley’s population.

The idea, which suggests eight storeys, is to be debated by Unley Council members at a   workshop on June 19, a meeting that is (contrary to my previous assertion) open to the public..

Also on the agenda are three other suggestions…for five-storey redevelopment of 12-16 Glen Osmond Road  (which includes  the Cappo site), ditto on 301-305 Unley Road, and six storeys on 22-28 ANZAC Highway, Everard Park, adjacent to the Le Cornu site.

Details of all of the above, which could go a significant way towards achieving the  State Government ‘s ambitious (?) target of an extra 10,000 Unley residents, will be presented  at a joint Unley and West Torrens public session at the Latvian Hall, 4 Clark Street, Wayville, on Thursday, June 22, from 4.00  to 6.30 pm. Which is when you will be able to express your opinions.

The proposals will doubtless cause angst in some quarters, but “Grumpy” would suggest that, certainly as far as the Le Cornu site is concerned, the vision does not go far enough. I am on record as advocating a considerably higher target…anything up to 15 storeys, as long as that target can be achieved with minimum adverse effect on neighbouring properties.

Meanwhile, Unley is not the only Council in the State Government’s sights. Eight  other locations are being scrutinised…in West Torrens and Norwood/St Peters/Payneham.

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