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Scrabbling no longer a dabbling.

June 19, 2017

Once upon a time, when dinosaurs roamed the suburbs, Grumpy was a member of the world’s wordsmiths who battled it out for boasting rights in the war of the alphabet.

No longer.

While Her Indoors and Number One Son still strive for  seven-letter words at regular competitions, I have long since thrown in the towel, disenchanted by a past-time that has degenerated into a meaningless quest for the alphabetical Golden Fleece.

The rot set in, for Grumpy at least, when he was made aware of the fact that the vocabulary of the Eskimos (sorry, I mean Inuits) was now  acceptable. That, together with a whole host of esoteric  letter-combinations  that had  been deemed acceptable, was the breaking point.

Make what you can of ADDINRY, PEDALFER, ARIKI, PYSANKY, WYSIWIG, CRUIVES…all given a mention in  “Across the board”,  official newsletter of the Australian Scrabble Players (note the absence, oops,  of an apostrophe!) Association.”

Enuff alreddy.

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