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$2.million-plus for Unley’s “Tour Down Under” stage.

June 28, 2017

No, that’s NOT a mistake. It’s the sum total of your council rates contribution since the cycling extravaganza came to our fair (and generous) city back in the opening years of the century.

And once again Unley  has agreed to host the King William Road stage of the event next financial year to the tune of $266,000.

Nice dosh if you can get it. And a LOT more than the generous extra handout  for the City’s agreed “Active Ageing” initiative when Council discussed (and approved) the 2017/8 budget…a miserly $20,000.

All a matter of priorities, of course.

Councillor Bob Schnell and Grumpy were the only two voices raised in opposition to the Tour Down Under handout from a budget which, thanks to yet another borrowing  hike, takes our loans burden to a worrying $14million-plus.

One of my council colleagues is on record as saying that that debt could be wiped out in well under a decade. But this little duck is a mite (make that mighty) disbelieving.

I’m not advocating a rates freeze (though that would be welcome). Just that we stop smoking the whoopee weed and get a grip on rates reality

P.s. By the way, we HAVE made some saving . As from July 1 those of our 300-plus valuable volunteers who drive to their place of volunteering will no longer be able to claim mileage!!!.

See. We DO have the interests of our ratepayers at heart.

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  1. Cr Bob Schnell permalink
    June 28, 2017 1:58 pm

    The figure spent on the TDU is (from memory) more like $2.5m.
    Council could have resurfaced King William Road for all the money spent.
    There was merit in hosting it for a few years, but then we should have stopped – and shared the love and the cost with other Councils.
    Next year we must decide to stop hosting the TDU. That would save ratepayer a 0.75% rate rise. I will be advocating that we slash this annual spend from $266k to say $60k so that we can have smaller family events across Unley. Maybe we should do what we did years ago and have a family day on Unley Oval or perhaps at The Orphanage.


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