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Security scare closes Casino cloakroom.

August 21, 2017

Visiting the North Terrace gambling den, AKA the second home of Nick Xenophon’s trilby-wearing, blackjack-playing  father?

Here’s some free gratis and for-nothing advice. Carry as little as possible, other than your stake money.Why? For safety reasons it is no longer possible to shed your hat, coat or other items carried about your person.

“Sorry”,  the apologetic (ex)cloakroom-cum-information desk attendant told me this morning. “It’s all about security”.

Which begs the question. Is the next step electronic screening of all punters? Or a personal pat-down of every gambler with a shifty look and a nervous tic?

And what about the various items that they are now forced to carry with them onto the gambling floor? Will they have to be screened?

Somehow I think that the powers-that-be haven’t thought this through…

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