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“The Unley way to walk”.

September 6, 2017

As the only surviving/supporting member of the  Unley Council that spearheaded the controversial introduction of 40kph zones in South Australia back in the 20th century, I have an ambivalent attitude to the Bicycle  Institute’s call for a 30kph limit.

Speed is NOT the problem.  Traffic volume IS.

Unley’s unfortunate siting across most of the traffic to-ing  and fro-ing from the southern suburbs needs a much more dramatic solution…one that I have  championed constantly and unsuccessfully. Simply introduce a fast and free park-and-ride system, with northern-bound visitors to the city’s centre leaving their wheeled wombs at the southern end of South Road and boarding a thing called a b.u.s.

It ain’t science fiction,  folks. It works like a charm in Britain and elsewhere.

Unley’s Integrated Transport Strategy predicts a steady population growth in it’s bailiwick, with a consequent  increase in traffic and car-parking. Which is on  a par with warning that  next week Sunday will be followed by Monday…




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