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Namatjira copyright “gag” a national disgrace.

September 7, 2017

Sadly, “Grumpy’s” bank balance doesn’t run to the purchase of works by the founding father of the Hermannsburg school of art, though I do have some examples from those who followed in his footsteps…the Pannkas, Pareroultjas, Entatas, Moketarinjas. etc.

Incredibly…or, more properly, disgracefully…the public at large continues to be denied the privilege of viewing many examples of Albert’s extensive output of outback scenes, thanks to a long-running  copyright battle dating back to 1983 when, without consulting the Namatjira family, the Northern Territory authority sold the painter’s copyright to Sydney-based Legend Press for a derisory $8,500.

Albert’s descendants continue to record the Outback around the Alice, and were featured in a detailed  September 2/3 “Weekend Australian”  report by Rosemary Neill on what is an incredible and  disgraceful situation,  an all-too-long  scandal which should be resolved immediately by Federal Government intervention…

Meanwhile,a documentary by film producer Sophia Marinos is due out next week, but sadly a new look at examples of  Albert’s talent is not possible, thanks  to Legend’s intransigence.



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