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Scrabble? I no longer dabble.

September 10, 2017

Once, long ago, I used to enjoy an innocent past-time that challenged your knowledge of the English language.

Today, to have a snowball-in-hell’s chance of escaping a humiliating thrashing in the Aussie version  of the word game, your vocabulary needs to include words in common use from Afghanistan to Zambia and every world country in between.

For Grumpy, the rot set in with a plethora of obscure terms from the people we used to know as Eskimos (a word now shunned as being insulting because it apparently means “blubber-eater”). These days you can actually use a host of  esoteric examples from the Inuit national language.

Why the above diatribe? The page 27 revelation in the Sunday Mail  that you can use your seven tiles to score with crappa, flanno and prezzy.

Enough already!!!

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