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“Spies in the sky” numbers set to soar

September 11, 2017

Don’t look now, but within the next decade or so the number of those pesky aerial spies (aka drones) will have reached ONE BILLION.

That’s the prediction of U.S. “Futurist” Thomas Frey, who was a speaker at the recent  “World of Drones Congress”.

Meanwhile, in an article in the latest edition of “Government News” , Helen Master, vice-president and managing director of Info South-Asian  Pacific and ASEAN, said that drones had been a source of concern for local governments and regulatory authorities. While there were restrictions on the use of drones in public places for recreation, councils had a strong business case on the benefits of using them to maintain and manage public amenities and physical assets.

Don’t know about you, but that ONE BILLION sky-spies sounds awfully like another step towards Big Brother.

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