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Mayor Clyne and the Cenotaph

September 13, 2017

Whilst I applaud the wreath-laying presence of Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne at the memorial service held at the Dardanelles memorial  last Sunday, it raises an interesting question.

If, as  I assume is the case, the invitation came from Adelaide City Council, one has to wonder at that body’s unilateral actions over the future  of a unique WW1 acknowledgement (designed by an Unley identity)  to , among others, the volunteers from Unley who gave their lives on the hills above the  Gallipoli shore.

I cannot remember Unley Council being consulted  by any body on the vexed question of the planned transportation of the monument (a monument which the  1915 ACC insisted  they would not pay for). Nor have I sighted  any evidence that any attempt was made for the two councils to liaise on the Kintore Avenue transplant.

I repeat my thanks to Mayor Clyne. I just wish that that last-minute nod of acknowledgement of  Unley’s place in the scheme of things had been preceded by inter-Council involvement  in the whole sadly contentious issue.




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