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Six-horse race for Unley mayor stand-in

October 1, 2017

Come on, Councillor Schnell. Don’t keep us in suspense on your usually transparent website.

Why the reticence about naming the  runners in the temporary replacement stakes  next year for Lachlan Clyne, who is on (paid?) leave for three months leave of absence before he officially relinquishes his robes of office to battle it out on the Liberals’ side for the newly reconfigured State election seat of Badcoe.

Incidentally, the current situation centering on Mayor Clyne’s continued position is actually financially beneficial to Unley ratepayers. It avoids the need for an immediate/expensive battle which would apparently see his replacement elected for a mere 11 months before ANOTHER poll at the end of the current council’s four-year term.

Meanwhile, Councillor Schnell is spot-on with a couple of his comments re the election for a stand-in between January and the next full-Council election.

Grumpy , for example, is a definite no-no. And with  six candidates the winner will scrape in with  a couple of votes. Which leaves yours-truly with a wonderful opportunity to sell his tick to whoever comes up with the most folding stuff. Or is that illegal???





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  1. October 1, 2017 11:56 am

    I don’t wish to share what was told to me in private.
    Imagine if I shared publicly everything you told me in confidence. The world would collapse and many would be outraged.
    The numbers are firm. There will be 6 contenders.
    It will be a bigger match than the Crows had yesterday.

    For an informed read, visit Bob’s Blog


  2. October 1, 2017 3:00 pm

    I know it is good save money not having an election when Lachlan leaves, but it would be best to have a mayor elected by the residents


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