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Tiffins/Carramar gridlock?

October 3, 2017

One  can only view with a feeling of dread the news that the site of the  late-departed Tiffins restaurant at the junction of George Street and 50,000-plus-vehicles-a- day Greenhill Road is to be developed as a possible/probable apartment complex. Even of is for (mainly) the elderly.

The notorious peak-traffic junction at the northern end of Duthy Street is already due for an injection of yet more  traffic inconvenience as work begins on the multi-storey apartment block in the grounds of heritage-listed Carramar mansion, a development which, it would appear, has magically (in its advertising) invested George Street with a couple or three extra traffic lanes.

Grumpy is no traffic-flow expert, but one has to wonder just how access to the 8ooo square metre Tiffins site will be arranged. George Street would appear to be fraught with problems. As would access from the above-mentioned Greenhill Road. Which leaves  the solution to narrow residential Anglo Avenue.

If I were a householder there I would be rushing to put my home on the market asap…





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