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Namatjira news

October 15, 2017

I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but the unqualified media news and acceptance that justice has at last been granted to the descendants of iconic Hermannsburg artist Albert Namatjira needs some serious qualification…if, that is, my informants are correct.

Qualified  sources say that the number  of works by Albert  under (until last week) the tight  copyright control of   Legend Press is not exactly extensive, which is more than be said for the number of his descendants, direct and otherwise…So the supposed pot of gold might not be over-flowing quite as dramatically as some stories suggest.

Likewise, the number of households around the nation who already possess at least one example of his iconic work must be huge.

Despite an extensive library of tomes recording (with excellent plates) Albert’s legacy,  the Grumpy gallery…for obvious financial reasons… only contains works by his descendants, whose names are legion. Walter Ebatarinja’s depiction of Palm Valley is, to me at least, a much more masterly portrayal of the NT countryside than anything of Albert’s I have ever seen. Others worthy of mention include Richard Moketarinja, and the various  Pannkas  and Inkamalas. While soaring above them all in terms of gallery prices, there is Otto Pareroultja.

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