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Adelaide City Council’s $7.8million gamble.

December 29, 2017

It’s one of the few Adelaide news outlets to investigate the story behind the story, which makes  the monthly “Adelaide Review” such a fascinating read every issue.

Take, for example, the revelations by someone  called Ash Whitefly about the multi-million project to, among other things, revitalise the North Terrace end of Gawler Place, an idea which has been around for a couple or four years.

Work, it seems has begun for an almost $8million project, which apparently requires the little matter of a “Prudential report”, revealing all the details. It seems, however, that the ACC’s tome is liberally  littered – across four pages no less —  covering eight blocks of facts  with what Ash describes as “thick black lines”.

To the credit of two Councillors, they tried, unsuccessfully back in October to have the black-out lifted.

Meanwhile, just what the benefits that will accrue from all the above, would appear to be of little interest to the ACC.

To quote Mr Whitefly, who is quoting from the instigators of the scheme: ” The City of Adelaide has not attempted to quantify the potential economic or social benefit resulting from the proposed project”.

So there!



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