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Airborne arrogance

January 3, 2018

Is it a plane? Is it a visitor from space?

No, folks, it’s just one of those pesky, parasitical politicians poncing around in the skies at our expense.

Not for them the indignity of having to travel with the plebs on scheduled flights when they can whistle up a plane and run up megabucks on parliamentary  (and often merely personal) jaunts.

Read (and weep) the details revealed in today’s Tiser.

$6,900 to pick up and deliver Foreign Affairs honcho Julia Bishop. $36,000 for Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce’s journeys between Tamworth and Canberra.

Read and weep. And regret the need for a bunch of ponching, profligate pollies with not one conscience between the lot of them.

To the guillotine,  mon ami!!!

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