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Mayoral memories

January 5, 2018

Adelaide being what it is, a small provincial town, one is bound to bump into the occasional ghost from one’s past.

Leaving my favourite travel agent, having booked my almost-annual pilgrimage to the land of the Yeti, I was confronted by  such a third-tier government  apparition/identity from many moons ago who reminded me (graphically AND LOUDLY) in front of a  bemused staff,  of my ambition to depart heavenward from a ferocious mountainside  funeral pyre.

Seems he is still anxious to be there, armed with a couple of cans of kerosene, to speed me on my way!

Something to do, apparently, with a Council chamber walkout  I participated in during his reign…and which I had totally forgotten!!!

Who said Local Government is boring???

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  1. Cr Bob Schnell permalink
    January 6, 2018 11:21 am

    It must have been an unpleasant experience.
    He, if it is who I think it was, bears a grudge and has a long memory like that of an elephant.
    And he should have known that in Nepal the fuel for a funeral pyre is wood and yak fat; and not kerosene.


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