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Oinkaparinga’s gone ever rasher…

May 22, 2018

I blame my warped sense of humour, but  I did myself a serious rupture this morning…thanks to the Tiser’s  page three revelation that THAT southern Council (so much in the news at present for it’s snouts-in-the-trough reputation) has monstered one of it’s residents for having a pig as a pet!!!

Who needs Monty Python when you have Oinkaparinga Council? Who have their knickers all of a twist over Allison Huveneer’s penchant for a porker.

“Bacon” (what else?) apparently has to have civic consent if he is to continue his seaside celebrity status, despite living the high life at Christies Beach since 2012.

My thanks to journalist Celeste Villani for her hilarious revelation. And may Bacon have a long, hoop-jumping, skateboarding , celebrity existence.

P.s. I refrain from any reference to snouts in the trough!!!



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  1. May 22, 2018 2:25 pm

    Council elections are a good way to flush out and rejuvenate a Council.
    Feedback I have received from residents in Onkaparinga is that there will be big changes come the election; at least that’s their hope.
    Back in #Unley we don’t have the ongoing conflicts and misbehaviour.
    However, at the October election I still forecast up to 9 new faces on Unley Council.
    Council will need strong leadership with vision.
    It will need someone with backbone and a common sense approach.
    I have decided to nominate for Mayor of Unley to give Council stability and real direction.

    For more information read Bob’s Blog


  2. May 22, 2018 2:31 pm

    Sad about the pet pig; and yes they do make great pets. The trouble is they can get a bit big. But that’s the residents problem and should not be an issue with Council.
    For 5 years the pig has happily lived in Onkaparinga without incident.
    The really sad thing is that if the Council exiles the pig, then it probably will end up becoming bacon.


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