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Stagnation is good.

January 12, 2019

Bigger ain’t necessarily better, and rather than shedding a tear for the building industry, perhaps we should take a long hard look at the way dear old Adelaide is expanding…both laterally and vertically.

As more and more valuable arable land disappears beneath cheek-by-jowl brick-veneer estates, skyscrapers cast long shadows across adjacent suburbs, and more and more commuter carriers clog our streets,  we should be heeding the long-ago warnings of well-accredited gurus. That Australia’,s optimum  population hovered around the  long-past 24million mark.

Our print media, which is kept afloat financially by its real estate pages, will, naturally, take a different, totally irresponsible tack, and shed crocodile tears for the building industry and its  RE hangers-on.

Meanwhile, Unley for example, has been told by the North Terrace asylum that it must absorb thousands of additional residents. Take a look at the northern end of George Street.

And weep.

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