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Mike Hudson has previously been a local councillor in Norlunga (1981-2). He was elected to Unley City Council in 1985, representing Goodwood South for eight years.  He has represented Parkside ward since the mid-90s.  Throughout this time he has kept people informed via his quarterly newsletter Viewpoint (copies will be uploaded onto this site soon.)

When he is not answering his constituents’ phone calls and solving their problems, he listens to jazz, plays petanque and lawn bowls.  His other hobbies include defending the Adelaide Parklands and financially supporting the owners of the Adelaide Casino.

Why “Grumpyinunley”?
It’s a nickname given to me by a few fellow councillors because I refuse to take administration information at face value, ask innumerable questions and refuse to let go until I have a satisfactory answer. I also dislike the trend towards pseudo “confidentiality”, which is frequently used to defuse a situation by denying councillors the opportunity to reveal unpalatable. facts. That’s what brought about the debacle that was Burnside Council. for the past couple of years.

And there was an offshoot for me last November, when I stood for re-election in the Parkside Ward . My “Vote 1 for Mr Grumpy” campaign defied the doom-sayers’  warnings and got me almost 500 votes, somewhat more than my three opponents.

DISCLAIMER: This website is owned and operated by Councillor Mike Hudson. It is not endorsed by Unley City Council.

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