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Councils rule correspondence.

Given the ongoing fiasco that is Oinkaparinga Council, it’s little wonder that third-tier-government  bashing rules the Advertiser’s letters page week after week.

Today’s opening correspondence deals with  the woes down south ,  and West Torrens and Norwood (in that order) , covering  possible criminal acts, possible amalgamations, possible criminal acts, the benefits (or otherwise) of amalgamations, possible criminal acts, and  the  lack of oversight from North Terrace. Oh yes, and did I mention possible criminal acts?

The fact is that the vast majority of individuals who serve as councillors do so as a service to the public. And for a financial reward that is hardly commensurate with the time and angst involved.

After more than 30 years in Local Government I shall miss the challenges. But not the mis-informed sniping…


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