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Glenside massacre condemned

Sad food for thought in the “Opinion” page of today’s Tiser, with former Botanic Gardens director Stephen Forbes telling it like it is on the dire, disgraceful decisions Labor has made in recent times over the metropolitan area’s green lungs. Take a drive past Glenside and weep at the dusty desert where mature, magnificent natives once stood tall.

Trees. Living oxygen laboratories. Shade-givers. Visual  delights. Unless, that is, you are a property developer. Then it’s sob stories to the authorities and the chainsaws get the go-ahead.

Meanwhile, Grumpy and  Unley Council has the opportunity to do it’s small but significant bit in redressing the trend…by resurrecting its list of scores of suitable sites for pocket parks. Scattered lungs which can be created without any adverse effects on the great god car.

Rocket science it ain’t…


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