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Bloody bunnies!

March 4, 2018

The family standards have been flying at half-mast at Chateau Grumpy for the past two days…a token of respect for the mysterious disappearance of the  successor to “Crip”, who herself went to the great   warren in the sky a couple of days ago.

The small white replacement lasted just two days before she (since re-sexed as a male)disappeared.

General state of gloom from Her Indoors (Grumpy was seriously contemplating emigrating)…until a few moments ago…when the fluffy white bundle magically reappeared in her three-star hutch.]

Enough is enough.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a firm believer in enjoying lapin…beneath a nice crusty pastry.



“Unley Central” revamp resurfaces…again

March 3, 2018

It’s a case of deja-vu all over again at the Unley Council Chambers next Monday evening (March 5) when Council discusses the future of an economic development incentive scheme for the area bounded by Mornington Road to the west, Rugby Street to the east,  Thomas Street to the south and  as far north on Unley Road to Marion Street.

Major features in the block are, of course, the Soldiers Memorial Gardens, the contentious Village Green, Civic Centre, Unley Shopping Centre, Oxford Terrace and both sides of Unley Road.

The briefing, which begins at 7.00 pm, is open to the public, as are the accompanying cover sheet and attachments (dating back to August 2014) to let you fully comprehend the extent of the proposals.

Naked nipples in North Yorkshire!!!

March 2, 2018

Shock. Horror. End of civilisation as we know it.

Indulging in a spot of nostalgia this afternoon, I happened to log on to the goings-on up  Aidensfield way, a mythical village in the northern reaches of the Old Dart.

Well.!!! To quote my dear old Mum, I’ll go to the top of our  stairs.  There, in their full glory,  we were entertained (albeit briefly) to the naked nipples of the local bobbie’s delightful wife.

And all this in a family-time saga shown at prime afternoon viewing time. In a program that first screened way, way back in…1992!!!.

Pommie prudes? Forget it.

Nursing home nausea.

March 2, 2018

The recent spate of  allegations about the appalling  conditions in aged care facilities in the State have come as no surprise to me.

As a volunteer Justice of the Peace I am frequently asked to visit nursing homes to witness residents’ documents that, more often than not, involve wills.

Sadly I have to decline. Not just because I have found myself in the middle of groups of  aggressive opposing family members, but also because of the conditions in which the subject of the rivalry are forced to live.

There is a limit to just how long one can hold one’s breath…



Border woes.

March 1, 2018

I realise that State electoral boundaries have to be drawn somewhere, but it’s a little sad that the re-named  empire of Badcoe, once Ashford, (being contested, among others by the late Mayor of Unley) should impinge on neighouring Unley.

It’s obviously causing some confusion in some quarters, gathering from the exchange of blogs from various sides of the fence in relation to Tuesday night’s sparsely attended candidates’ gathering at the Unley Bowling Club.

Don’t know about Badcoe, but I’m reasonably confident of the Unley outcome, given previous polls.

Meanwhile I am more than a little heartened to hear that no hopeful at the above-mentioned gabfest was in favour of rattlers on a purple-lined Unley Road!

And I draw your attention to the avalanche of letter-writers’ angst in today’s Tiser regarding trams on Norwood Parade…


February 27, 2018

Forget the minor problems facing our great State.

Businesses closing down. Our younger generation allegedly departing in huge numbers to other States.  Over-crowded schools. Aged care scandals…etc.

The result of the little political stoush scheduled to climax on  March 17  will rest on who can come up with the best program/promise for an  extended suburban tram system.

North Adelaide. Payneham (via a vanished forest on Norwood Parade). Perhaps narrow Unley Road. Or a stop outside Grumpy’s Blyth Street mansion.

Watch this space for inevitable updates as the polls get closer.


Grumpy Junior hits the airwaves.

February 26, 2018

Loud and clear from the Old Dart (Manchester to be exact) Number Two Son graced the ABC  airwaves this afternoon at length with his views on the little matter of global warming and associated problems facing the world.

Nice to hear Marc’s voice…and his praise for associated things South Australian. Listener involvement was swift and varied, as one would expect.

And he couldn’t resist the temptation to sign off by (rightly) claiming credit for confirming that he was the only reporter to catch Premier Weatherill on tape using THAT expletive (not) deleted last year…