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Double Adelaide Oval abduction memories.

March 14, 2019

The death of one of the parents of the two young children who disappeared forever from Adelaide Oval one Saturday afternoon way back in the Seventies has brought back vivid memories of my stint as a Sunday Mail journalist.

For legal reasons I’m unable to reveal the real story, except to say that the weekend newspaper very nearly missed one of the biggest headlines in my career.

One day…


Fern Avenue facelift. Your views, please

March 12, 2019

The playspace on the reserve, that is…

The revamp includes the installation of new equipment, the introduction of nature play elements, community tree art and a new pathway to provide all-weather access.

Council encourages user involvement an d feedback and enquiries should be address to Council on 83725111 or by email to

Cut-off date for participation is  March 29.

Cemetery a la carte.

March 12, 2019

It’s been almost a decade in the planning, but the vision of gastronomy amid the graves is set to come to fruition  sometime in the not-to-distant future.

The search is on for someone to manage an eatery amid the burial plots of Centennial Park, the cemetery owned jointly by Unley and Mitcham Councils.

This week’s “Messenger” news story is spot on with it’s  “Café plans edge closer” headline, given the tortuous  path the vision of a 115-seat  eatery has taken!

Let ‘s hope the eventual service will be a mite swifter…

Standing room Unley

March 10, 2019

Pity about the botched/disruptive lead-up, but a great sight this afternoon, with more than 7000 spectators packing the  Unley Oval stands and outer for the women’s  footy.

Two=wheeled pests.

March 10, 2019

They were intended for use merely in  the CBD, but instead they have spread rapidly and silently into the neighbouring Council areas.

Just a thought, but perhaps any invasive green scooters could be a great source of income if local authorities were to collect them and hold the owner companies to ransom.

Meanwhile, pedestrians should be wary of the pavement invasion, with gung-ho scooterists(?) blithely barrelling up behind unsuspecting pedestrians at well above the approved speed limit.

Crises at the casino

March 6, 2019

Shock. Horror. Disbelief…

No longer will Grumpy, armed with a fistful of the readies, be able to wander purposefully towards the upper levels of his second home on North Terrace, haven of the dangerous and desperate.

Today’s bunch of mail included a missive from the Adelaide Casino’s VIP Team setting out a new  dress code for those entitled to haunt the upper slopes inhabited by the hopeful and dangerous..

For males, shirts must have collars (unless a jacket is worn). Jeans must be in good nick. Jumpers with slogans are a no-no. Adidas and Nike track-pants ditto. Shorts have to be tailored and of suitable length. NO CAMOUFLAGE CLOTHING.

For females there’s a ban on short shorts (tautology?) trackpants and mini-skirts. Ugg boots? Ugh!  Flipflops get the flick.  As do “activewear” items and casual t-shorts.

No thongs and slides. But sandals  are OK when it’s 30degrees  or more.

And you’ll be shown the door if you’re sporting a baseball cap or a beanie.

P.s. And for those of you savvy enough to have a financial interest in North Terrace other than an active  part in gambling… shares, perhaps, SELL SELL SELL.

Why? News flash of the century is that Grumpy has seen the light, taken the shears to his “Premium” card, and declared North Terrace “off limits”.


Unley Oval ban defiance.

March 5, 2019

Regular users ( runners, walkers and dog owners) of Unley’s largest slice of public open space have expressed their annoyance at the week-long Unley Oval quarantine — imposed for the benefit of next weekend’s women’s match —  by ignoring the “keep-out” signs and jumping those pesky pickets.

All-in-all a public relations debacle.

P.s. This isn’t a new issue. Way back in 2015 “Grumpy” reported on the aggravation caused by the conflicting demands  for the use of footy venues by the public and players in  Melbourne.