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“I think that I shall never see…

January 13, 2018

…a poem lovely as a tree”.

Watched, with sadness, this morning as a giant gum in Parkside, just to the south of Greenhill Road,  was swiftly and noisily reduced to a more-than-a- few lorry-loads of sawdust..

All legal, of course, but nevertheless a tragedy.

And may be it’s just my macabre sense of humour, but it struck me as ironic that   blazoned along the sides of the trucks carting away the carcass was the firm’s name.

“Care For Trees”.


Wanted: A newspaper with integrity

January 13, 2018

While today’s Advertiser catalogue of “crimes” committed by Council members makes interesting reading (“Grumpy” is second off the rank in the list ), it saddens me that there is one serious omission.

A reputable newspaper would/could/should conduct an in-depth expose of the disgraceful actions of Adelaide City Council over more than a century in its treatment meted out to the memorial to the South Australian heroes who died on the slopes above Anzac Cove during the First World War. .

But that, of course, would take courageous  and investigative journalism, something  which I, as a retired journalist, consider to be something of a rarity in Waymouth Street.

“Pocket parks” plea. Again.

January 12, 2018

While my initial doppelganger,  Councillor Michael Hewitson , continues his campaign for the purpling of Unley Road with jacarandas,  with  claims it would boost  the number of oxygen-producing  trees in the fair city of Unley, it’s a pity that my long-ago dream of a major boost in the number of “pocket parks” at the end of our city’s numerous cul-de-sacs has been forgotten.

Rather than deciduous plantings along the traffic tunnel that is Unley Road, I maintain that we should be reviving pps, planting  evergreen species that help purify our fume-ridden  suburbs.

It ain’t rocket science, and needn’t cost squillions.


Council travel checks welcomed

January 12, 2018

It’s been more than a few years since Grumpy hopped a plane and endured the stultifying boredom of attending an annual get-together of the country’s Councils.

Once upon a time the agenda reflected the importance of third-tier governance, but gradually the programmes  have been plagued with unnecessary, time-wasting subjects.  For me, the cruch came in Canberra when a whole swag of important motions failed to hit the floor after we had endured, among other distractions, the tedious ramblings of a so-called sports personality.

Opposition local government spokesperson, Unley MP David Pisoni, is to be congratulated for his election pledge to have all travel expenses paid by ratepayers  out there in the open.

Dardanelles farce ends in $1 apology.

January 12, 2018

Goodness knows  how much it cost to mount the prolonged campaign against me over my bid to seek justice for the memory of those South Australians who fell victim to the ineptitude of Britain’s military might way back in 1915…and subsequent officialdom here in South Australia.

What I DO know is that legal advice does not come cheaply, and that my personal participation alone in the battle involved more than several hours of legalistic appointments. Add to this the time and trauma of closed-door discussion in Unley’s Council chamber and administrative offices, and  the prolonged involvement of the Local Government Association and Adelaide City Council, and the  mind boggles.

For what?

Three hand-delivered, seven-word  “apologies” and one mailed ditto which set me back precisely $1.

I have left it until the New Year to express my dismay and disbelief, but the delay has done little if anything to lessen my shock at the continuing officialdom  disrespect for the sacrifice of our two battalions of WW1 heroes.

My dear old grandfather had a favourite  saying. “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”.




Foot-in-door Frankie for North Terrace?

January 11, 2018


A hen called Houdini.

January 10, 2018

There’s gratitude for you…,

Risking death by a thousand pecks, Grumpy rescues a wayward chook from passing traffic in Unley’s Fairford Avenue. Feeds, waters and comforts it overnight  with the help of Her Indoors,  and composes a letter to be delivered to possible owners.

And what does the duster on legs do? A bunk from the high-fenced, super-secure acres around Chateau Grumpy.