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Dardanelles update.

August 14, 2017

Watch this spot, folks, for a possible new chapter in the saga of the battle for possession of the cenotaph dedicated to the casualties of the tragic  Gallipoli campaign.

There could be some red faces concerning the WW1 historic memorial.

Elephant power in Nepal flood disaster.

August 14, 2017

Two years or so ago it was a massive earthquake which claimed thousands of lives in the popular tourist destination and is still causing hardship across the Himalayan country.

This week rescue boats and herds of elephants are being deployed in  the country’s southernmost  jungle area of Chitwan,  bordering on India, with widespread  monsoonal  floods  already claiming  more than 40 lives in the Sauraha district.


August 13, 2017

Simply Conning A Mug.

If it’s an offer that seems too  good to be true…that’s because it is. Sorry, all you mugs out there.  But your stupidity isn’t deserving of any sympathy.

Dear Eric of West Beach…

August 13, 2017

Lambasting Sunday Mail columnist Peter Goers for his criticism of those with political views that differ from his own, Mr Taylor of West Beach also  deserves censure…for his  trashing of the English language.

Sorry, Eric, but there is no such word as “agreeance”, which featured in your letter to the editor.

Grumpy AND pedantic.

Doggy diner disgust

August 13, 2017

Heading for his Parkside  home at the weekend, Grumpy passed through a prominent Unley outdoor eatery…which he is going to avoid like the proverbial plague from now on!

Seated at  a table was a middle aged woman who thought it hilarious when her  companion …a small white hairy dog…decided to leave it’s seat and jump up onto the table and be cuddled!

My protestations were laughed off.


Bikers’ bulldust blues

August 11, 2017

Doesn’t your heart go out to all those poor, persecuted bike riders who are callously forced to wait (wait for it!!) a whole TWO minutes for the lights to turn to green in their favour  at the newly  installed bicycle crossing at the junction of Greenhill Road and Parkside’s Porter Street…

What a load of rubbish. And what a load of rubbish it was to install the crossing at that site in the first place. The bike route is OK..until you get to Porter Street, a narrow suburban back-street with car-parking allowed on both sides. Which means there is no room for a bike and a car to safely share the remaining tarmac.

Meanwhile, just a few turns of a cycle wheel to the west is  Unley Road, where motorists are sometimes forced to spend considerably longer than two minutes to negotiate the junction with Greenhill…which, incidentally, carries a staggering 50,000 vehicles-plus a day.


Mixed millions

August 10, 2017

It all depends, of course, on whether you are a buyer or a seller.

The latest statistics on house prices across the metropolitan area make good news for the owners of properties in  Unley Park, Malvern, Hyde Park, Millswood and Kings Park. The median prices in those suburbs are ((respectively) $1.5m, $1.35m,$1.18m, $1.13m and $1.01m.

Strapped for cash? Try Grumpy’s stamping ground, where you can get a roof over your head for a modest $750,000 or so.

Paradise in Parkside. And the neighbours are great…