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Rabbitoh rampage.

June 16, 2017

Ten points to twenty down at the half-time whistle, and the red and greens looked gone for all money.

General despair at Chateau Grumpy.

Play resumes with a rejuvenated herd(?) of Rabbitohs running in 26 —  repeat 26 — unanswered points and the Titans are shell-shocked.

No wonder League is up there as the world’s second-best code.


Work-force farce

June 16, 2017

Now I know why the major redevelopment being undertaken on North Terrace’s Convention Centre is racking up such a humungus bottom line…

Every time I pass by the sloping entrance to the site — just west of the car park I use when visiting my second home (aka the Casino)– I marvel at the sterling work being undertaken to prevent innocent passers-by from becoming victims of the arriving and departing cement trucks.

It’s the masterly way that the fluorescent jacketed, white hard-hatted life-saver wields his  “stop-go” orange  lollipop.  That and the intense interest being taken in his solo performance by no fewer than his three or four similarly clad workmates.

Quintessential job creation, fellers.

Le Cornu site. An eight storey homes vision

June 16, 2017

High-rise residential redevelopment of the Le Cornu triangle off ANZAC Highway is just part of a four-way move proposed by State Government as a boost for Unley’s population.

The idea, which suggests eight storeys, is to be debated by Unley Council members at a   workshop on June 19, a meeting that is (contrary to my previous assertion) open to the public..

Also on the agenda are three other suggestions…for five-storey redevelopment of 12-16 Glen Osmond Road  (which includes  the Cappo site), ditto on 301-305 Unley Road, and six storeys on 22-28 ANZAC Highway, Everard Park, adjacent to the Le Cornu site.

Details of all of the above, which could go a significant way towards achieving the  State Government ‘s ambitious (?) target of an extra 10,000 Unley residents, will be presented  at a joint Unley and West Torrens public session at the Latvian Hall, 4 Clark Street, Wayville, on Thursday, June 22, from 4.00  to 6.30 pm. Which is when you will be able to express your opinions.

The proposals will doubtless cause angst in some quarters, but “Grumpy” would suggest that, certainly as far as the Le Cornu site is concerned, the vision does not go far enough. I am on record as advocating a considerably higher target…anything up to 15 storeys, as long as that target can be achieved with minimum adverse effect on neighbouring properties.

Meanwhile, Unley is not the only Council in the State Government’s sights. Eight  other locations are being scrutinised…in West Torrens and Norwood/St Peters/Payneham.

Oink-aparinga* slices again.

June 13, 2017

As if it isn’t already in the headlines far too often for it’s financial finagaling, the civic body down south gets a hefty page four serve in today’s “Advertiser”…with a new twist to it’s ignoble involvement with the noble sport of golf.

First it was the startling news that the unsuspecting ratepayers of Noarlunga, Willunga and other settlements in the southern vales were shelling out a cool $6000 for  the golfing benefit of their council’s chief executive officer.

Now comes another shot landing in the civic bunker, with the revelation of Council’s delay in addressing the survival of the Willunga Golf Club.

With time of the essence it can be revealed that the Council review of the course, which involves the possibility of halving the number of holes,  will now not be known for at least another three months, when it was due before July! A delay which some players claim could be fatal.

All this on top of the ongoing saga of a fair(?) whack of the Council’s income going on an overseas “fact finding” trip by it’s Numero Uno elected member.

Great grist to the mill  of those who are pressing for a fresh look at Council amalgamations.

*I’ve applied for punning copyright.

Picket…and it will get better.

June 12, 2017

Anything to get out of gardening duties…I had a leisurely wander around the boundary of Unley’s sacred site this afternoon, counting the number of those pesky white pickets which have attracted sponsorship from Sturt supporters.

A great fund-raising initiative that  still deserves more involvement from the Double Blue brigade.

While all the posts in the prominent positions  have been “adopted” by the faithful…in front of the grandstands, the northern goalposts  and the “hill” … it’s a shame that the remainder have been sparsely supported.

Peter (Pan) Goers

June 11, 2017

Hold the presses. Rewrite the front page…

“Adelaide man discovers fountain of youth”.

Yes, folks. The Sunday Mail’s controversial columnist has revealed in  this week’s offering  that , believe it or not, he is still the right side of fifty!

Whatever pills he is ingesting, I want some. Lots of them. Lots.



Ignore all the above, folks. I have just done a Goers Google…which reveals he was actually born in the mid Fifties, which puts him squarely (but not fairly) in his sixties. C’est la vie.

Fighting Fiji gallant in defeat

June 10, 2017

The score line tells of a rout. But it was far from that.

Fiji produced  their usual rampaging stuff, and didn’t deserve to go down to such a comprehensive score.

I’m talking, of course, about this afternoon’s chapter in the Wallabies’ latest part in our history in the world’s top football code.

Right up to the final whistle (and a couple of minutes AFTER, thanks to  the Wallabies’ grim determination to retain ball possession), it was pulsating, nail-biting action that belied the 37-14 result.