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Tribulations of a Justice of the Peace

May 18, 2018

Luckily for him, one of the numerous  people to take advantage of my presence at Unley’s free JP-signing service this morning  only revealed his allegiance to Liverpool FC as he was leaving.

Otherwise, as a one-eyed Man United adherent , I would have seen to it that he left with his various documents unwitnessed…Some people have NO shame!


Unley honesty unrewarded

May 16, 2018

My thanks to whoever out there handed in my wallet (intact) this morning to the management office of the Unley Shopping Centre. She did not leave a name, so sadly I am not able to send a more tangible (i.e. edible)  acknowledgement.

Meanwhile Her Indoors is considering an advertisement in the Courier seeking a “minder” for me…


Pavement peril persists.

May 15, 2018

Many moons ago, I recall , Unley’s Elected Members (that’s Councillors) sat around  for what seemed hours discussing what exactly constituted a footpath hazard. Was it a  variance between adjacent  pavers of  one or two centimetre ? Or was it millimetres?

Fast forward to the present day and the proud boast is that ALL of our fair city’s pavements will be brick paved within a matter of months.

Great news…especially as the target means that perhaps we can start a concerted programme that renders the aforesaid walkways safely walkable.. As an enforced pedestrian (the Magna was not worth rescuing) I have been made acutely aware of the shortcomings of our pedestrian network. Especially  in the suburbs surround Chateau Grumpy. That includes Blyth, which, between Duthy Street and Fullarton Rd, boasts at least 50 hazards.  And that’s being conservative. Humps accommodating tree roots.  Missing brickwork. Recessed service points. Etc etc.

A little bit of budget basics wouldn’t go amiss.





Expiring (or not) in Centennial Park cemetery.

May 13, 2018

Sites, that is. Cemetery plots which have exceeded their tenancy agreement. No fewer than 25,000 of them, and little or no chance of the powers-that-be being able to trace anyone who might like to extend their existence.

Meanwhile, in a move that will keep the gates of the Unley/Mitcham open for ever, just 115 sites have become “perpetual”. That represents less that one tenth of one percent of all interments.  Before those sites were introduced the scenario was that the park could close its gates 50 years after the last burial and go into caretaker mode.

Instead there is the distinct probability that the cemetery’s boundaries will expand. In it’s report to the two owner councils it  is not-so-enigmatically announced that “We must continually seek out new revenue streams  At some time it is likely that development of such products and services will require us to expand the current footprint of Centennial Park”.

Meanwhile Grumpy has plans for his Viking departure. A burning long-boat sailing majestically from Glenelg towards the peninsula.

Record secrecy blanket for Unley Council meeting.

May 13, 2018

I could be wrong (heaven forfend) but in my 30-plus years as a Councillor I cannot remember such a blanket of  green secrecy as that which will be in place when your Elected Members meet on Monday evening (May 14).

No fewer that 144 pages of the meeting agenda will be off-limits to the public. But it’s all for a very good reason…the intricacies involved in  groundwork for the proposed redevelopment of the city’s central business precinct on Unley Road.

Slightly fewer agenda pages (a mere four) will be open to the public gaze for the progress report from the Centennial Park Cemetery Authority, the hectares of rest jointly owned by Unley and Mitcham Councils. Some of the statistics are a revelation. Stay tuned.



Paradise fudge on Duthy Street.

May 12, 2018

OK. OK. You don’t have to remind me. I know that this is meant to be a catalogue of complaints. But, just for this once, please bear with me while I step out of character to heap accolades where they are due…

In a piece of unashamedly parochial praise, it is my duty to draw your attention to what has to be THE South Australian mecca for worshippers of multi-orgasmic confectionery…Unley’s Duthy Street heaven-on-earth. AKA the Pat-a-cake emporium.

I write this replete from a slice of sinful chocolate fudge cake which was the piece-de-resistance of the culinary celebration of  the  birthday of Mrs Grumpy, a.k.a. Her Indoors. And I defy you to find anything to better it.


Kaufland NOT uber alles.

May 12, 2018

With German supermarket Kaufland planning a $34million hypermarket (that’s a sort of supermarket on steroids…) for the huge ex-Le Cornu site on Anzac Highway (there’s some sort of irony there, methinks) it’s suspiciously interesting to learn that only a smattering of local residents/businesses are being invited to comment.

Apart from the fact that ANOTHER supermarket is what South Australia  needs like a hole in the head, I maintain my contention that this would be a great site to help Unley meet North Terrace’s insensitive insistence that  our fair Council area absorb thousands of new residents in the next decade or so.

It would be interesting to learn newly-returned Unley MP David Pisoni’s opinion.